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Here's is the most current information regarding the status of White Mountain Lake water testing.  Note #1: The algae can be present one day, and then dissipated the next day.  Note #2: The algae that bloomed (highlighter blue) was verly likely the same algae our lake has always had, only this year there was more food (i.e., nutrients) in the water for the algae to feed on.


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If Algae is PRESENT = avoid bodily contact with the water.


If Algae is NOT PRESENT = Go enjoy the lake, and recreate. 


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WMLCRID Test (SAMPLE OF ALGAE) = "Toxic Algae, Don't Ingest"
WMLCRID Water Test results (ALGAE WATER [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [726.1 KB]
WMLCRID Water Test results (BASIC LAKE W[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [356.5 KB]



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>>> Determine what kind of algae we have:  Testing has showed the algae to be blue green algae with is toxic if ingested - - And some folks may have a skin reaction to it - - Please avoid bodily contact with the algae


>>> Determine if the Basic Normal Water is toxic: Testing has showed that our Basic Water, with no visible algae, is not toxic - - You may recreate in this water


>>> Determine Appropriate Solutions for the Algae:  We are working on solutions to the alge on two fronts. 


POTENTIAL SOLUTION #1 - - CUTRINE ULTRA. The Licensed Water/Algae Laboratory that we used for our testing (Aquatic Consulting & Testing Inc) is the official lab for aglae testing in AZ. They are also the ones who do the testing at Tempe Town Lake (Tempe AZ) and they make the recommendations for solving that lake's algae issues.  The solution there is an algaecide product called Cutrine Ultra.  This product is sprayed directly on the algae, and will not affect our fish, nor is it harmfull to humans. There are no restrictions to lake usage due to this product.  We are working to obtain SCID permission to utilize Cutrine Ultra on the lake water, with the intent of being able to spray it directly on the algae when it forms again. 


POTENTIAL SOLUTION #2 - - AERATION. We are looking into the possibility of aerating the water, which involves adding air bubbles to the water.  With our lake having a 260 acre surface, this solution looks to be highly involved, and may prove very expensive.  We will keep you posted as the quotes come in. 


>>> Set up ongoing regular testing of the water:  We will utlize the recommendation of the Algae Testing Labratory & AZEQ as we establish an onging testing schedule for the lake water.




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[8/5/2022]  The first tests that were done last week (see the 8/3/22 notes below) were of as much concentrated algae as we could collect in one spot.  However, we also had the "Basic Normal" water (with No Apparent Algae in it) tested this week, and we just received those results back.  The Basic Normal Looking Water DOES NOT have the blue green algae (to any level that would be of concern). This means that the Basic Normal Water is safe to swim in.  NOTE:  Please do not utilize the lake if there is the presence of Algae.  If Algae is present avoid bodily contact - - If No Algae is present you may utilize the water for recreational purposes.  


[8/3/2022]  We have received the results back from the Second Phase of aglae testing, which is testing for the level of toxicity in the aglae (See PDF report attached below).  Turns out that the algae has no "Anatoxin" in it... but it does have high levels of "Microcystis" which means that the algae is indeed toxic when ingested, and for some people who have sensitive skin, it may result in a rash.  We should note that the water sample was taken where the algae was most concentrated, so these results represent the "worse case scenario", and not the water where there is no algae.  Even so, we will continue to restrict visitors from coming into bodily contact with the water/algae: No swimming, No Skiing or Tubing, No Dogs/Pets in the water (Boating & Fishing Allowed).  Addtionally, we will continue to seek appropriate solutions for our aglae issue, and as always, we will keep ya'll posted as we make progress.  To see the official test results, please click on the PDF report above.




[7/27/2022]  We have received the initial test results back from the Labratory.  It turns out that the algae sample WAS indeed in the blue/green aglae family.  This does not mean that it is Toxic... but it doens't mean that it isn't.  With this news, we immediately moved to the Second phase of Testing for the level of Toxicity in the Algae.  We should have the results back from the second phase of testing, within 4-5 days.  We will post the results once we receive them. 



[7/19/2022]  WML experienced an excessive algae bloom. It was bright neon blue in color, as well as pea-soup green, which are indicators of potential Toxic Algae (or Blue/Green Algae).  Because of this, a water sample was sent for testing.  We should receive the results back by middle of next week.  In the meantime, please keep all pets out of the water, and do not let them drink the water nor the algae.  Humans must also avoid bodily contact.  Boating and fishing are allowed, but you will probably not want to eat the fish.  We will post the results once we receive them. 


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